Saturday 5 May 2012

Brazilian bubblies

I don’t think many of us have tried Brazilian wine, let alone Brazilian sparkling wine. Therefore I was pleased to be invited to the Casa Valduga tasting. It is one of the largest and oldest wineries in Vale dos Vinhedos in the south of Brazil. The climate is humid and temperate but luckily the vineyards, located at between 450m and 650m above sea level, are cooled by the mountain breeze.

The verdict? This was actually my second time to taste Brazilian sparkling and I have to say Casa Valduga is better. Three wines, Espumante 130 Brut NV, Reserva Blush 25 Brut 2009 and Gran Reserva Extra-brut 60 2006, are made with classic champagne grape varieties in the traditional method. All are lively with a slight mineral note in the back palate. The Rose is fresh and soft, while the Espumante has more structure.

I won’t compare Brazilian sparkling wine, or in fact, any sparkling wine with Champagne. It is not fair. Champagne grows in a marginal climate and its production techniques have been perfected by years of experience. It is more refined and elegant but not many will have a glass of it every day. Sparkling wine is much more value-for-money, relaxing and fun. We should enjoy them for what they are: Prosecco for its freshness, Cava for the concentration and Brazilian for its liveliness.

Casa Valduga also has a Reserva Moscatel and a Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, available from Wine Patio in Hong Kong.

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